Attorneys offer perspective on SEC ruling

The DAO recently got into hot water for holding a token sale that failed to comply with SEC regulations. Blockchain Tech News got in touch with three lawyers to get their perspective on what happened and how it can be avoided in the future.

How Chinese exchanges influence bitcoin

Bitcoin was designed to be free from control by any one institution. But as mining and buying activity become concentrated in China, a country whose government wields absolute power, it's getting harder to argue that bitcoin is decentralized and borderless.

Top 5 virtual currency stories: September edition

The top stories last month covered topics ranging from Twitter bitcoin payments to the current profitability of bitcoin mining. It's time to take a look back at the top five stories for Sept. 2016.

Bitfinex hack reveals centralization weakness

The bitcoin world has been rocked by another exchange hack, this time on the major Hong Kong exchange, Bitfinex. More than $70 million was snatched from user's wallets. Exchange hacking is a fairly common occurrence, but the increasing centralization of bitcoin makes it even more damaging.

Navigating FinCEN regulations

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network regulates a variety of issues related to virtual currency such as oversees transactions and financial criminal activity. Failure to turn in the right reports to FinCEN can lead to big financial losses, so exchanges must understand their legal options and obligations.

How to avoid beginner's mistakes with bitcoin

With bitcoin, it's easy to make mistakes — and some can be costly. Before you begin to use bitcoin, you should learn about its common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

VCT Top 5: January edition

In January, the top-read stories included a wide range of topics including blockchain technology, regulations and key predictions for 2016. It's time to take a look at the top five most-read stories of January 2016.

Traditional banking meets bitcoin with launch of Bit-X exchange

The libertarian anti-establishment bitcoin founders have now become the old guard, as a series of new startups dive in the deep end of the virtual currency pool. In the process, the big dogs of the financial industry have started to show interest in the currency, or start their own virtual currency exchanges.

BitLicense in review

When the New York BitLicense landed earlier this month, it created a massive storm of protests. It brought the debate on virtual currency regulations front and center.

Regulators still grappling with cryptocurrency approach

At the recent Virtual Currency Today Summit, representatives from the Massachusetts government and the FTC discussed their views on the virtual currency regulatory landscape from the state and federal level.

How NFC might help entice consumers to adopt virtual currency

Circle's addition of NFC to its mobile bitcoin wallet app is just one example of bitcoin being made more palatable to a mainstream audience.

Virtual currencies are very much a global reality

Mark Ranta from ACI Worldwide believes bitcoin and its alternatives are here to stay, but how can they be regulated?

#FutureofPayments: In defense of Bitcoin (and its cousins)

A closer look at why virtual currencies can be beneficial to the financial system.

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