Bitcoin ATMs 101

Bitcoin ATMs and vending kiosks provide an efficient and secure way for people to buy and sell bitcoins without having to use bitcoin exchanges, which face threats such as hacking and fraud.

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Should governments use blockchain technology?

The Trump administration has expressed interest in blockchain technology, which raises a few questions: Should government entities use the blockchain? And if so, what are some of the use cases?

Why the blockchain will change financial services delivery forever

One area that has lagged in innovation is financial services. Though money is inherently a conservative market, many predicted some time ago that providers would innovate quickly or be replaced.

How to avoid beginner's mistakes with bitcoin

With bitcoin, it's easy to make mistakes — and some can be costly. Before you begin to use bitcoin, you should learn about its common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Looking ahead: Virtual currency predictions for 2016

Bitcoin recently celebrated its seventh birthday. It has come from humble beginnings, but this year bitcoin prices and blockchain tech are ready to explode.

Are bitcoin ATMs the solution to mainstream acceptance?

Widespread uptake of bitcoin still sits off on the horizon, but some think that bitcoin ATMs could pave the road to Main Street.

Preview: 2015 ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit

During the ATM summit, execs will learn about the disruptive nature of bitcoin and new payments technology and how to navigate its regulatory framework.

A beginner’s guide to bitcoin

To the mainstream population virtual currency remains a great mystery. Virtual currency is a tool of the informed and an arcane secret to the uninformed. This division between the tech savvy and the mainstream audience has yet to be bridged by any virtual currency entrepreneur. However, education remains the great bridge builder in this situation.

What's on the horizon for the bitcoin ATM?

"I anticipate significant developments in the use of bitcoin as well as the bitcoin ATM industry during the next three to five years," says Sam Ditzion of Tremont Capital Group.

Looking for the next generation of customers

By accepting virtual currency, Waves Coffee House is seeking to drive traffic and further differentiate itself from competitors.

Virtual-currency taxation, part II: Taxing virtual-currency income

Wages, self-employment income, taxes on mining and more.

ATMs, mobile and Bitcoin converged

Where are we going with the convergence of virtual currency, ATMs and mobile payments? A session at this year's ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit considered the question.

A look at the booming market of Bitcoin ATMs

An ATM Marketplace gallery of notable brands, photos and features from the rapidly expanding list of crypto-currency terminals.

2nd annual ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit to explore convergence of Bitcoin, ATMs, mobile payments

At the Sept. 10-12 event in D.C., speakers from across the payments ecosystem will discuss the future of the industry.

Bitcoin ATMs are looking legit

With installations coming up in Canada, are ATMs for the digital currency finally the real deal?

The Bitcoin ATM: Possible, yes. Marketable...?

The Bitcoin ATM concept has received a lot of press lately. Is it deserved?

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These powerful tools allow consumers to exchange cash for bitcoin and other virtual currencies, and some allow for exchange of virtual currencies into cash. Virtual-currency ATMs are beginning to be installed in various sites around the country and world.