The wild world of ICOs

Authors of 'Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond,' a new book from McGraw-Hill, outline a program of best practices for structuring and timing an ICO — and avoiding a run-in with the SEC.

Bitcoin cash: Where's it going?

Bitcoin Cash has emerged as a new contender for the solution to the block size scaling crisis. But will it succeed in its goal of replacing bitcoin?

Will governments 'print' virtual currency?

Virtual currency and governments have had a strained relationship. But what if one day, governments took a different approach and created their own virtual currencies? For one country, that fantasy is already a reality.

Virtual currency crowdfunds social media network

Decentralized virtual currency has recently given birth to one of the first decentralized social media networks, Synereo. Synereo is currently being crowdfunded by users who purchased AMP, Synereo's virtual currency, to create the website.

What's on the horizon for the bitcoin ATM?

"I anticipate significant developments in the use of bitcoin as well as the bitcoin ATM industry during the next three to five years," says Sam Ditzion of Tremont Capital Group.

How the IRS can clarify its virtual-currency ruling

Plus: the greatest risk for companies who involve themselves in bitcoin, according to CPA Kirk Phillips.

Execs from Overstock.com, Massachusetts Division of Banks headline speaker lineup for Virtual Currency Today Summit

Conference, held April 29 in Boston, will explore the growing trend of consumers using bitcoin and other virtual currencies as a method of payment.

The Russia house

The blacklisting of bitcoin-related websites by Russia's Roskomnadzor may be setting the scene for how the nation regulates virtual currencies going forward.

How NFC might help entice consumers to adopt virtual currency

Circle's addition of NFC to its mobile bitcoin wallet app is just one example of bitcoin being made more palatable to a mainstream audience.

Are you prepared for virtual-currency's effect on accounting, business practices?

Most small and midsized companies are not ready, reports Software Advice; nor are major accounting-software suppliers taking bitcoin seriously.

Andreessen: Bitcoin's viability is not based on day-to-day value

Entrepreneur defends cryptocurrency in a series of tweets after 72-hour price drop over the weekend.

A virtual-currency twist for the modern speakeasy

In Spokane, The Volstead Act is accepting bitcoin while toasting the Prohibition era.

Lawsky announces changes to proposed bitcoin regulations

"In a new area like this, with very complex issues, it's very important for regulators to listen and see where the regulations makes sense -- and course-correct where necessary."

Accepting virtual currency: the basics for brick-and-mortar retailers

Stand-alone vs POS systems, deciding on when to convert bitcoin into fiat, and more.

Reporting virtual-currency payments: Taxation of virtual currency, part III

Plus: penalties for noncompliance, and what might be on the horizon.

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Convertible virtual currencies are those virtual currencies that can be bought with and sold back for legal tender -- Bitcoin is just one example.