Liz Prehn

Liz Prehn Elizabeth Prehn is a tax attorney who regularly defendants individuals and businesses in tax controversies, white collar crime and regulatory issues. Moskowitz LLP, based in San Francisco, is a tax firm with more than 30 years of experience.

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Suzanne Cluckey

Suzanne Cluckey Suzanne’s editorial career has spanned three decades and encompassed all B2B and B2C communications formats. Her award-winning work has appeared in trade and consumer media in the United States and internationally. She is now the editor of and

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Sanro Mathew

Sanro Mathew

Sanro Mathew is a tech enthusiast with a passion for writing about emerging technologies. His current interest lies on IoT and Blockchain Technologies. Other than that, he also has a budding interest in policy affairs, conducting research and writing about it. Currently, ...

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Thomas Yohannan

Thomas Yohannan Thomas focuses on the convergence of payments, security & data. Thomas holds a JD from the University of Southern California and an MBA from New York University.

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Tom Harper

Tom Harper

Tom Harper is publisher of and CEO of Networld Media Group, the site's parent company. He has written three books, including Through Colored Glasses: How Great Leaders Reveal Reality (DeepWater Books, 2018), Leading from the Lions’ Den: ...

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Dan Glessner

Dan Glessner Dan Glessner is CMO of Quisk, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based start-up that partners with banks and merchants to enable anyone to use their money without needing cash or cards.

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Mark Ranta

Mark Ranta I am a digital banking professional with enthusiastic interest in bleeding edge services and technology. The digital revolution has just begun.

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Frank Olea

Frank Olea Frank Olea is the CEO of Olea Kiosks Inc. Frank has been designing and manufacturing kiosk solutions for almost 20 years and has held numerous kiosk industry Board of Director positions.

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Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is a Technology Editor for His background is in information technology, advertising, and writing.

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Demir Selmanovic

Demir Selmanovic Demir Selmanovic is the lead technical editor at Toptal, a company that provides freelance engineering talent, including virtual currency engineers.


Kristian Gjerding

Kristian  Gjerding Kristian Gjerding CEO of CellPoint Mobile, a payment solutions provider for airlines. Gjerding has helped shape the digital payments environment through his work with best-practice standards groups at airline organizations globally.

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Will Hernandez

Will Hernandez Will Hernandez has 14 years of experience ranging from newspapers to wire services and trade publications. Before becoming Editor of, he spent two years as the content manager for, a leading payments industry news aggregator and information hub ...

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