Virtual Currency 101 for Retailers

The basics of virtual currency and what retailers need to know to accept virtual-currency payments.

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Blockchain's authentication dilemma

Large corporations such as IBM and Walmart are developing blockchain solutions that solve many issues with fraud. But, the blockchain is not a perfect tool, and without multifactor authentication, it is vulnerable to attacks.

The acceptance dilemma of bitcoin and mobile payments

Bitcoin and mobile wallets have the same issue essentially. While they are interesting tools, customers don't see a reason why they need to use them.

The bitcoin solution to cannabis payments

Marijuana is now legal in several states, but financial institutions currently do not allow their credit or debit cards to be used for purchasing cannabis. Thus, kiosk manufacturers are turning towards cash management solutions and bitcoin to provide secure payments for cannabis retailers.

Are bitcoin ATMs the solution to mainstream acceptance?

Widespread uptake of bitcoin still sits off on the horizon, but some think that bitcoin ATMs could pave the road to Main Street.

What's on the horizon for the bitcoin ATM?

"I anticipate significant developments in the use of bitcoin as well as the bitcoin ATM industry during the next three to five years," says Sam Ditzion of Tremont Capital Group.

Execs from, Massachusetts Division of Banks headline speaker lineup for Virtual Currency Today Summit

Conference, held April 29 in Boston, will explore the growing trend of consumers using bitcoin and other virtual currencies as a method of payment.

Are you prepared for virtual-currency's effect on accounting, business practices?

Most small and midsized companies are not ready, reports Software Advice; nor are major accounting-software suppliers taking bitcoin seriously.

Lawsky announces changes to proposed bitcoin regulations

"In a new area like this, with very complex issues, it's very important for regulators to listen and see where the regulations makes sense -- and course-correct where necessary."

Accepting virtual currency: the basics for brick-and-mortar retailers

Stand-alone vs POS systems, deciding on when to convert bitcoin into fiat, and more.

Looking for the next generation of customers

By accepting virtual currency, Waves Coffee House is seeking to drive traffic and further differentiate itself from competitors.

The retail side of the virtual-currency equation

Three merchants discuss why they began accepting virtual currencies for payment – and how accepting bitcoin has changed their business.

Virtual currencies are very much a global reality

Mark Ranta from ACI Worldwide believes bitcoin and its alternatives are here to stay, but how can they be regulated?

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By integrating the acceptance of virtual currencies into their shops, retailers ensure that they're not turning away business from forward-thinking spenders. As major retailers add to their acceptance of virtual currencies, we'll report on it here.