Top 5 virtual currency stories: September edition

The top stories last month covered topics ranging from Twitter bitcoin payments to the current profitability of bitcoin mining. It's time to take a look back at the top five stories for Sept. 2016.

Is it time for airlines to use mobile payments?

A lot is at stake when airlines decide whether the time is right to launch some of today's newest mobile payment solutions to their passengers. Emarketer estimates that $762 billion in digital travel sales will be in play by 2019.

The acceptance dilemma of bitcoin and mobile payments

Bitcoin and mobile wallets have the same issue essentially. While they are interesting tools, customers don't see a reason why they need to use them.

Top 5 virtual currency stories: July edition

July has been a wild month with Pokémon Go taking the mobile world by storm and Brexit causing an uproar in the U.K. In the bitcoin world, the mining reward halving caused a lot of speculation.

Pokémon Go lessons for mobile wallets

Within days, Pokémon Go became the master of capturing mobile users. While mobile wallet providers can't expect to get that kind of exposure there are some lessons they can learn from Pikachu to catch more users.

Virtual Currency Today Top 5: April edition

This April, topics ranging from blockchain basics to bitcoin trends made top headlines. Let's take a look back at the top five stories of April 2016.

Bitcoin for beginners 101

Bitcoin can be a challenge for first timers. Thankfully it can be less intimidating if they keep the facts of wallets, security and the blockchain in mind.

The fintech industrial revolution is here

A new revolution in technology is upon us, one driven by fintech, according to Xendpay Founder and CEO Rajesh Agrawal.

Blockchain, P2P pushed into mobile payments in 2015

2015 was a big year for mobile payments with the shift to EMV. In addition, peer to peer technology and the blockchain played a big role in the industry.

Digital wallets: how merchants can use the platform to draw in consumers

How can mobile wallets help customers and merchants? Teri Llach, chief marketing officer at Blackhawk Network, discusses the potential benefits.

Hierarchical deterministic wallets bring improved security

With stolen bitcoins, stolen wallet passwords and unencrypted data, bitcoin users have plenty of reasons to be paranoid. One wallet innovation that attempts to alleviate those fears is the hierarchical deterministic wallet

Execs from Overstock.com, Massachusetts Division of Banks headline speaker lineup for Virtual Currency Today Summit

Conference, held April 29 in Boston, will explore the growing trend of consumers using bitcoin and other virtual currencies as a method of payment.

How NFC might help entice consumers to adopt virtual currency

Circle's addition of NFC to its mobile bitcoin wallet app is just one example of bitcoin being made more palatable to a mainstream audience.

BitPay preps Florida city as bitcoin haven as bowl game approaches

As the lead sponsor for the St. Petersburg Bowl, the processor wants the area's merchants to be able to accept the cryptocurrency at their stores.

Respatialization of currency: Cryptocurrencies & mesh networks

Thomas Yohannan examines a possible future link between bitcoin and proximity payments involving mobile devices.

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