Bitcoin Gold aims to break up a mining monopoly

Bitcoin Gold is joining the ranks of hard forks in the bitcoin blockchain. It aims to take power away from centralized miners, but experts are divided on whether its impact will be positive or negative.

Top 5 January stories: virtual currency and blockchain 'basics' dominate reader interest despite bitcoin's 2017 price surge

While bitcoin's price has been on a rapid increase since the start of the new year, the public at large is still learning about virtual currency and blockhain technologoy. The five best read stories in January demonstrate that reality.

How to create a new virtual currency, part 2: the role of miners

A virtual currrency expert explores the key role that miners play in supporting a virtual currency in part 2 of a two-part series.

Top 5 December stories: bitcoin basics, its price surge and new blockchain technology applications capture readers’ interest

The top five best read stories once again covered a wide range of virtual currency topics, reflecting the diverse interests among the young industry's readers.

Top 5 virtual currency stories: September edition

The top stories last month covered topics ranging from Twitter bitcoin payments to the current profitability of bitcoin mining. It's time to take a look back at the top five stories for Sept. 2016.

Is bitcoin mining still profitable?

Bitcoin was built on rock and roll and miners. But with the recent rewards halving, is bitcoin mining still profitable?

Top 5 virtual currency stories: July edition

July has been a wild month with Pokémon Go taking the mobile world by storm and Brexit causing an uproar in the U.K. In the bitcoin world, the mining reward halving caused a lot of speculation.

Has bitcoin struck gold by cutting mining rewards?

With the recent halving of mining rewards, some expect bitcoin's value to skyrocket. Is this merely misplaced optimism or has bitcoin finally struck gold?

Virtual currency mining in review

Bitcoin mining used to be a goldmine, but it is still as profitable today now that more people are using bitcoin? And what about mining for other virtual currencies?

Altcoins vs. 'King bitcoin'

While bitcoin is certainly the biggest dog on the market, it is by no means the only competitor. Coin Market Cap lists 572 other virtual currencies besides bitcoin, each with its own symbol, value, and market cap.

Lawsky announces changes to proposed bitcoin regulations

"In a new area like this, with very complex issues, it's very important for regulators to listen and see where the regulations makes sense -- and course-correct where necessary."

Unwrapping the riddle of Bitcoin (infographic)

Everyone's talking about the virtual currency, but does anyone really understand it?

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Mining is the act of generating new virtual currency by solving cryptographic problems, using computer hardware, now typically with ASIC-centric machines. Some users join mining "pools," cooperatives in which users contribute their computers' processing power and then share in the resulting cryptocurrency that is produced.