Virtual Currency 101 for Restaurants

The basics of virtual currency and what restaurateurs need to know to accept virtual-currency payments.

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Whoppercoin, the cryptocurrency that lets Russians 'have it their way'

The Burger King franchise in Russia has rolled out a loyalty program built around the 'Whoppercoin.' It's a cryptocurrency that customers can traffic in online or trade in for free burgers. Could it also be a signal that Russia is softening its hostile stance toward virtual currency?

What can virtual currency do for your restaurant?

Do food and bitcoin mix? What does the virtual currency offer to restaurants specifically?

Are you prepared for virtual-currency's effect on accounting, business practices?

Most small and midsized companies are not ready, reports Software Advice; nor are major accounting-software suppliers taking bitcoin seriously.

A virtual-currency twist for the modern speakeasy

In Spokane, The Volstead Act is accepting bitcoin while toasting the Prohibition era.

Accepting virtual currency: the basics for brick-and-mortar retailers

Stand-alone vs POS systems, deciding on when to convert bitcoin into fiat, and more.

Looking for the next generation of customers

By accepting virtual currency, Waves Coffee House is seeking to drive traffic and further differentiate itself from competitors.

BitPay preps Florida city as bitcoin haven as bowl game approaches

As the lead sponsor for the St. Petersburg Bowl, the processor wants the area's merchants to be able to accept the cryptocurrency at their stores.

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The restaurant and hospitality industries are well on their way to accepting virtual currencies. As major restaurant chains and hospitality venues add to their acceptance of virtual currencies, we'll report on it here.