Blockchain innovation: What's on the horizon?

There's no killer app for the blockchain yet. But there are still hordes of innovative concepts coming over the horizon.

Should governments use blockchain technology?

The Trump administration has expressed interest in blockchain technology, which raises a few questions: Should government entities use the blockchain? And if so, what are some of the use cases?

Will Twitter make bitcoin easier to use?

It is no secret that bitcoin has problems gaining a mainstream audience, but one company has attempted to solve the issue by allowing users to send bitcoin via Twitter.

What can save the bitcoin network?

The bitcoin network has slowed down significantly, with some transactions taking hours to be confirmed. However, the cause and solution to this serious problem are both up for debate.

Blockchain powers smart contracts

The blockchain is expanding beyond bitcoin into many new possibilities in the world of fintech. In particular, the blockchain is pushing into the world of smart contracts.

The fintech industrial revolution is here

A new revolution in technology is upon us, one driven by fintech, according to Xendpay Founder and CEO Rajesh Agrawal.

Bitcoin startups providing consumer protection services

One of the great perceived flaws of bitcoin and virtual currency is the lack of accountability for sellers and protection for buyers. Bitcoin startups are attempting to solve this problem with online trust and reputation-management platforms.

Execs from Overstock.com, Massachusetts Division of Banks headline speaker lineup for Virtual Currency Today Summit

Conference, held April 29 in Boston, will explore the growing trend of consumers using bitcoin and other virtual currencies as a method of payment.

Lawsky announces changes to proposed bitcoin regulations

"In a new area like this, with very complex issues, it's very important for regulators to listen and see where the regulations makes sense -- and course-correct where necessary."

Accepting virtual currency: the basics for brick-and-mortar retailers

Stand-alone vs POS systems, deciding on when to convert bitcoin into fiat, and more.

ATMs, mobile and Bitcoin converged

Where are we going with the convergence of virtual currency, ATMs and mobile payments? A session at this year's ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit considered the question.

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Companies such as Coinbase, BitPay and Coinkite allow retailers, restaurants and other merchants to seamlessly integrate virtual currency into their payment options, and to do so for online as well as brick-and-mortar locations.