Should governments use blockchain technology?

The Trump administration has expressed interest in blockchain technology, which raises a few questions: Should government entities use the blockchain? And if so, what are some of the use cases?

How to improve bitcoin's PR

With hackers stealing from exchanges and criminals demanding bitcoin ransoms, it's obvious that bitcoin has a bit of a PR problem. But it doesn't have to be this way.

How can virtual currency aid the financially underserved?

Is virtual currency up to the task to aid the financially underserved or does it not have the right tools? Virtual Currency Today talks with Uphold vice president of product Byrne Reese to discover the answer.

Bitcoin could be a life saver for financially underserved in Africa

Zimbabwe residents recently went through horrific hyper inflation, which eventually led to the abandonment of their national currency altogether. Bitcoin could be the solution not only to Zimbabwe's problems but those of financially underserved populations in Africa.

Bitcoin 'rebittance': serving the financially underserved

With remittance fees as high as 12 percent, many migrant workers are stuck in a bind. Hence, some migrants are turning to bitcoin "rebittances" as a less expensive alternative.

#FutureofPayments: In defense of Bitcoin (and its cousins)

A closer look at why virtual currencies can be beneficial to the financial system.

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Many believe that virtual currencies can provide great utility for those without bank accounts – expanding opportunities, helping to raise the standard of living, and boosting global economic growth along the way.