Biometric ID gets a security boost from the blockchain

BitCAD, a cryptographic smart platform, has developed a decentralized blockchain-based system for biometric identification of users.

Iris-pattern and retina-pattern authentication methods are already employed in a variety of devices — including ATMs, the company noted in a press release. However, BitCAD said, the use of centralized servers for these applications constitutes a serious vulnerability. The company's blockchain-based solution offers decentralized storage of sensitive data to ensure greater security and convenience.

"Our computation methods use less resources, while location and determination of your ID data is fast and precise," BitCAD founder and CEO Vladislav Mitrofanov said in the release. 

The technology offers operation speed comparable to that of centralized solutions for biometric identification while ensuring accuracy of 99.99999 percent, the release said.

The device employs facial recognition techniques, classic fingerprint scans, iris scans and infrared analysis of vein patterns to identify the user.

The entire database of biometric data is then stored in a decentralized manner and remains accessible only to the owner. To further enhance security, data encryption uses quantum cryptography methods.

Currently, the solution prototype is being tested in partnership with technological universities, businesses and law firms. BitCAD said that it has signed a contract with the Federal University of Kazan to launch a collaborative lab and use the facility's supercomputer.

Topics: Banking, Security / Theft

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