Former teen entrepreneur launches decentralized blockchain business solution

| by Bradley Cooper
Former teen entrepreneur launches decentralized blockchain business solution

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Luis Cuende was building software before he could drive. He began crafting his first operating system based on Linux when he was 12, and he won an award for best underage European hacker by HackFwd when he was 15. When he was 18, he wrote, "I'm 18 and I neither study or work," a book that criticized the traditional education system and outlined his vision for a decentralized society. Now 21, Cuende is working to make that a reality with his new business, Aragon.

Aragon is a blockchain solution powered by Ethereum, and its purpose is to create and manage decentralized organizations. The platform is designed to enable "the borderless, permissionless creation of value." Blockchain Tech News spoke with Cuende, the co-founder and project lead of Aragon, to find out more about his project and where he sees the blockchain headed.

BTN: What are some of your blockchain projects?

Cuende: I immersed myself in the world of blockchain from a very early age, developing my skills in software development and programming throughout my early teens. Before co-founding Aragon, which now has my undivided attention, I founded and contributed to a number of blockchain projects from Coinbase-like applications to developing a p2p bitcoin exchange, and finally Stampery, the leading blockchain timestamping solution out there, backed by the venture capital firm Draper Associates, led by Tim Draper, investor in Tesla, SpaceX, Skype and Baidu.

BTN: What is your primary contribution to the blockchain tech market?

Cuende: Aragon will provide a new way for people to organize and to create value. We will realize blockchain's grandest promise, the disintermediation of business. However, delivering that is not easy. For that reason, we are working to drive contract development, user experience, and communication within the blockchain space. Making products people actually want is the only way for this to become mainstream.

BTN: Where do you see the blockchain market going in the near future?

Cuende: Right now, we are seeing more and more people learning and understanding blockchain technology. I think when we start seeing Ethereum apps that actually work — which is already happening and will strengthen in the next number of months — it will explode. Lots of people will start using blockchain in everyday life without even knowing it. It will become the backbone of a lot of things we do — starting with organizational structures to social networks. This is a very exciting prospect for all of us in the space.

BTN: What do you see as the most important current innovations in the market?

Cuende: Currently, there are several key innovations in the space. Firstly, in the decentralized application market, there is a huge focus on user experience. In relation to tokenization, token sales are also a huge innovation and are growing in popularity. Finally, for blockchain, "proof of stake" is huge — removing miners out of the equation will close a huge vector attack.

BTN: Are we starting to reach the tipping point of widescale acceptance and use of blockchain technology? 

Cuende: I think we are still in the early adopters phase. However, in two or three years we may be in the mainstream. Currently, there is a lot of speculation in the industry and nearly solely financial use cases for blockchain. I’ll consider it widespread when there are users using it not because they think they see quick financial gain, but because it makes their lives easier and more efficient.

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