'Symphony of Blockchains' applies artistry to cryptocurrency

IOHK, a blockchain research company, and Kuva, a digital art studio, have launched "Symphony of Blockchains," a live interactive representation of the bitcoin blockchain through sound and image, according to a press release.

Users can click their way through the blocks of the blockchain, while music and sound effects play in the background to enhance the experience. For example, the music increases in intensity on days when the blockchain requires more kilowatts of energy.

The two companies plan to release an interactive chart that lets users navigate the bitcoin blockchain from its creation to the present day.

"If we could have outlined our dream project, this would be it — an exciting brief with no real creative restrictions, unlimited technical possibilities, and the added challenge of getting our heads around the vast mountain of information on the blockchain and how it works," Kuva Creative Partner Mark Lundin said in the release. "With the assistance of the IOHK team, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of blockchain to develop our first artistic representation, which unpacks the rich history and complex nature of bitcoin."

The companies said they will unveil a second project — a visualization of the Cardano cryptocurrency — in the second quarter of 2018.

Experience the visualization.

Topics: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

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