ShiftPixy workforce engagement platform leveraging blockchain security, privacy

ShiftPixy Inc., provider of a workforce engagement platform, is leveraging blockchain as a digital ledger for all human capital transactions. The platform presents "a prime use case" for secure and private blockchain technology, the company said in a press release.

The ShiftPixy blockchain ledger can record data for any human capital validation point or part of the hiring and onboarding process, including social security number, date of birth, driver's license or passport details, bank account information, tax form elections and more, the company said.

The company gave as an example the employee I-9 verification process — a stringent and penalty-laden compliance procedure — which can use blockchain technology for biometric authentication and automatic verification of data, eliminating the potential for human error in screening for fraudulent information.

Data verification via blockchain allows ShiftPixy employers and auditing agencies to confidently validate criteria such as employment dates, education, references, certifications and other background information, and share the verification status directly on multiple distributed sources within the blockchain, the company said.

"We use blockchain technology in our ecosystem because it is one of the most efficient tools available to help us protect our data from cyber interference," ShiftPixy President and CEO Scott Absher said in the release. "Any data considered to be a human capital validation point or part of the hiring and onboarding process is being utilized and recorded in ShiftPixy's blockchain ledger."

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