RippleNami launches livestock identification program in Kenya

The Kenya Veterinary Association has partnered with RippleNami Inc., a blockchain visualization platform provider, to launch a real-time livestock identification and traceability program. The RippleNami platform identifies and tracks individual animals and provides real-time mapping of diseases and geo-positions, according to a press release.

The solution uses RFID technology integrated with the RippleNami platform to track cattle movement across the supply chain. The Kenya Veterinary Association wants to use the platform to prevent illegal livestock movement and cattle theft as well as monitor the health and weight of the cattle.

The association was able to register 40,000 cattle, 702 owners and 381 locations in less than 60 days with the platform, according to the release.

"Because the RippleNami real-time data capture and visualization application is completely self-service, any organization can capture, visualize and track sensitive data assets within days of installation," RippleNami founder and Chief Business Officer Phil Gahn said in the release.

"By combining the intuitive visualization of big data with cloud-based, blockchain technology, emerging economies are leveraging RippleNami's proprietary technology to map vital geo-assets, generate new economic transactional exchanges, while accessing a uniform data platform for their electronic data infrastructure build-out."

With this additional data on husbandry, businesses can now access improved insurance, markets, credit and banking, according to the release.

Topics: Blockchain, Financially Underserved, Hardware, Regulation

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