IBM Blockchain partners with for personal data blockchain platform, a human rights blockchain startup, recently announced that it will use IBM's blockchain platform for its global consent ledger to allow people to claim property rights. Customers can use the platform to control and manage consent, authorization and commercial use of their information through a blockchain marketplace, according to a press release.

Customers can use's My31 app on Android to claim their data property rights and receive a title of ownership. The 30 Human Rights ratified by the United Nations do not mention human data rights, so has dubbed its project as protecting the "31st human right" to data.

Customers can choose to share their data with pharmaceutical companies or data aggregators and receive compensation.

"With new digital business models driving data sharing to unprecedented levels, we believe that blockchain can serve as a key ingredient to enhance trust and responsibility with regard to data," Bridget van Kralingen, IBM senior vice president of global industries, platforms and blockchain, said in the release. "Our work with is a pioneering example of how permissioned blockchain can help balance individual rights with distributed data access at scale."

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