Gana to use blockchain in medical cannabis project

Gana, the company behind, has announced an AI project that will use blockchain technology to collect data from surveys, labs, communities and academic sources on the effects of medical cannabis on patients. The company will hash the data and store it on the Ethereum blockchain, according to a press release.

This data will help doctors and patients to ensure the proper use of cannabis for "optimized health outcomes," according to the release. This solution will support transparent third-party auditing, since hashed data allows companies to track and identify corrupted or malicious data.

"We will collect statistics from the participants of our ecosystem, both from patients and from medical and research institutions," Sean Lee, Gana chief marketing officer for Asia, said in the release. "This way, we will be able to put together as broad and unbiased a sample as possible and maintain objectivity. All the AI data and conclusions will be additionally verified through feedback. This will allow us to create a completely controlled environment in which user data is reliably protected.  All information flowing into our system will go through the blockchain."

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