ExsulCoin launches Rohingya-to-English language learning tool for refugees

ExsulCoin, a blockchain platform and cryptocurrency for refugee-led projects, has launched a Rohingya-to-English language learning tool for Rohingya refugees from Myanmar. The platform uses machine learning and eye-tracking technology, and stores and verifies the user's identity on the blockchain, according to a press release.

Eye-tracking technology analyzes a user's interaction with the material and optimizes lessons for that individual. Because the platform stores user identities in the blockchain, any number of individuals can use the same tool on the same device. Exsul also provides internet access to refugee camps through mesh networks.

"Undereducated regions are 50 percent more likely to experience conflict, and it is ExsulCoin's core mission to combat that with sophisticated tools that facilitate education in even the most challenging environments," ExsulCoin founder James Song said in the release. "It is also our aim to make the integration process smoother and more successful through education and financial empowerment. English fluency could be the make-or-break factor in how many refugees are able to reclaim their lives, and we hope to provide that as widely and easily as possible."

Topics: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Software

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