Early blockchain innovator W. Scott Stornetta joins Celsius Network

W. Scott Stornetta, an early blockchain innovator, has joined the Celsius Network board of advisors. The network is a borrowing and lending platform based on blockchain technology.

According to Celsius CEO Alex Mashinksky, the company plans to add 100 million new users to the cryptocurrency community by offering "innovative, customer-centric financial services, including borrowing and lending."

Stornetta has been involved in the decentralized ledger space for 30 years. In fact, Satoshi Nakamoto's bitcoin white paper only makes eight references to prior work and three of those were written by Stornetta and Stuart Haber.

"The promise of blockchain to improve the lives of billions is real," Stornetta said in the release. "But it takes a great deal more than wishing to get there. After really getting to know Alex and the Celsius team, I'm persuaded that they have what is needed to achieve their mission. Namely, they are deploying 'customer-first' financial services based on a token that maximizes value creation for all of their members."

Topics: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

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