Decentralized cybersecurity token promises enhanced device security

Rivetz International, a newly formed subsidiary of Rivetz Corp., has announced the RvT cybersecurity token, which combines blockchain technology and trusted computing to offer comprehensive privacy protection, according to a press release.

The RvT token enables multifactor authentication across devices to deliver provable security at the transaction and authentication level, according to Rivetz.

The solution also includes a peer-to-peer feature with provable cybercontrols that become a permanent part of the blockchain record, providing cryptographic proof that measured protections were in place before a transaction was executed. The technology has already been delivered on more than 11 billion devices containing ARM-compatible processors, according to Rivetz.

RvT token technology leverages the established capabilities of the trusted execution environment to provide a vault on the device that securely enables machine execution of instructions subject to owner-led policy.

The Rivetz app checks the status of a device — for instance, its connection to the cloud — before executing a task. If the current condition of the TEE and the registered reference conditions match, the task can proceed. Otherwise, the task will not be permitted.

"Since my introduction to blockchain in 2013, it's been clear that blockchain technology and trusted computing have the potential to provide the global infrastructure to enable billions of trusted computing devices already in circulation with built-in decentralized cyber security," Rivetz founder Steven Sprague said in the release. "We've invested and built the foundations to realize that vision. Rivetz believes that the launch of the RvT token and RvT-powered services will provide a decentralized operational and economic model to boost the adoption of built-in security controls."

The token enhances existing trusted computing technology developed and prototyped by Rivetz Corp. over the past three years. Blockchain, IoT, cloud computing and other markets can benefit from provable controls, the release said.

The RvT token sale is set for July 25. 

Topics: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Security / Theft

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