Decent Network welcomes first 3rd-party app developer

Decent Network, a nonprofit decentralized publishing platform, is pleased to announce that the first third-party application to be built on the Decent Network is now in development.

The app, called Publiq, is a free tool for sharing digital content (specifically news and articles) and is being built by an independent development team, according to a press release.

Rewards distribution in Publiq is instant — and based on the reputation of the author. Reputation (i.e., the author's Publiq Score) is acquired exclusively from the views and feedback of readers.

Publiq also offers an intermediary free experience for advertisers. Assisted by a proprietary algorithm that guarantees optimized placement, advertisers are granted direct and frictionless access to place ads in the Publiq ecosystem.

The content posted on Publiq is free to use by any channel and is not censorable. Branding parameters (topics, dates, number of likes and other parameters) are available to facilitate content selection. Channels also can earn rewards based on the traffic they generate from Publiq content.

"We are thrilled to see Decent Network being adopted and used by innovative companies so quickly after our official launch," Decent founder and CEO Matej Michalko said in the release. "Publiq is a perfect example of a well-designed project using our technology for the purpose in which it is intended, to bring content to the consumer without middleman controls or third-party censorship." 

Topics: Blockchain, Software

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