Cubichain Technologies brings blockchain cyber security to 3D printing

Cubichain, which develops anti-counterfeiting tools for Web 4.0, and CalRAM LLC, which provides metal powder bed fusion for aerospace and space applications, announced the deployment of a blockchain network to protect the digital data stream for additively manufactured aerospace titanium parts.

Using the MultiChain private blockchain platform, based on Bitcoin Core, Cubichain Technologies is developing an application that interfaces with the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry processes to encrypt digital data associated with the binary part definition, then store the information on a private blockchain.

The information provides an immutable copy of the original encrypted data used to verify that transmitted copies of the digital part data have not been altered, tampered with or otherwise hacked.

The demonstration proved that the Cubichain technology can identify part files which have been tampered with by recognizing the "difference in a single data bit" in the binary part file.

"Both additive manufacturing and blockchain networks are disruptive technologies…combining the two will undoubtedly revolutionize the future of manufacturing," said Shane Collins, director of additive manufacturing programs for CalRAM. "We see the greatest threats to additive manufacturing as cyber-physical hacking and counterfeiting…the deployment of a blockchain can combat both."

Topics: Bitcoin, Blockchain

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