Blockchain recruitment platform TrustLogics wins business accolades

TrustLogics, a blockchain-based recruitment platform, recently won the Stevies Annual American Business Award. The platform applies digital authentication technology to professional data and stores the data on the blockchain, according to a press release.

Users can store their employee and recruiter data and share it based on key permissions. They can also pay peers in TLT tokens to verify their personal information on the blockchain.

TrustLogics uses three business models to improve the hiring process. The first is the verification model, which confirms a user's background check. The other is a reputation-building system, that allows users to confirm each other's credentials and experience. A peer-to-peer hiring model notifies well-suited peers when a situation is open, according to the release.

"We're building an ecosystem where hiring managers have multiple options with transparent verified employee information and the opportunity to reduce hiring costs, especially for small and mid-size companies." TrustLogics co-founder Sujith Achuri said in the release. "If you look at Linkedin, it was built for a professional network to connect with your colleagues; it wasn't meant to be for recruiters. Our platform only connects recruiters and job seekers where the former will know for sure who's looking for a job, though there is a privacy option for candidates to hide their job seeking status."

Topics: Blockchain, Security / Theft, Software

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