Blockchain innovation inspires rebranding of Virtual Currency Today

March 7, 2017

In the past year, financial institutions and technology providers have invested more than $1 billion in blockchain technology, a distributed ledger data structure that promises to transform financial services, among many other industries. 

The technology offers application in sectors that include health care, government, supply chain and transportation, telecommunications, utilities, and more.

“The popularity of using blockchain technology to improve operations, efficiency and security across major business sectors continues to grow,” said Kathy Doyle, publisher of Networld Media Group. “This versatility and powerful potential have persuaded Networld Media Group to rebrand our 3-year-old publication as” 

The changeover will occur on April 1; ATM Marketplace Editor Suzanne Cluckey will take charge of the rebranded publication. 

Blockchain Tech News will cover industry developments, issues and trends. It also will serve as a platform for industry experts to present and exchange ideas pertaining to this rapidly changing ecosystem, Cluckey said.

"Companies in an amazing variety of industries are seriously investigating the potential of distributed ledger technologies to increase efficiency, eliminate redundancy and ensure data security in their business processes," Cluckey said. "We are going to be seeing a huge amount of global innovation in this space, and I'm excited to have the opportunity to break it all down for readers of Blockchain Technology News."

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