Bathrooms now offering point-of-sink digital signage with blockchain tech

VODXS has launched a faucet digital signage solution specifically for bathrooms. The faucet features a display that delivers advertising content when customers place their hands beneath the touch free spout, according to an announcement.

The VODXS faucet uses analytics to measure dwell time, audience demographics and accurate impression delivery. These impressions are also verified with blockchain technology. Customers can download a mobile app to receive additional discounts and messages, according to a press release.

"Advertisers love VODXS since it delivers highly targeted impressions and they receive analytics that offer people-based measurement for real-time ROI," VODXS CEO Scott Brown said in the release. "High-traffic venues, such as stadiums, casinos, restaurants and healthcare providers love it, since they can capture data on their employees' hand washing best practices [and] maintain greater water usage efficiency via our hands-free solution, all while receiving a portion of the advertising revenue delivered. Lastly, consumers love it, since their regular engagement with the faucet and mobile app results in them receiving targeted discounts and rewards opportunities."

The faucets are also available with a sponsor logo for individual restaurants and businesses.

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