Atonomi launches cryptosecurity protocol for IoT

Atonomi, the blockchain-based arm of Centri Technology, has launched Atonomi Network, a cryptosecurity protocol for Internet of Things devices. The network is built on Ethereum to provide trust and identity validation for devices, according to a press release.

Atonomi Network is meant to act as an immutable identity and reputation service to secure tools such as home automation systems, smart city infrastructure and industrial sensors. Other features include:

  • A secure ecosystem for autonomous device-to-device transactions.
  • Reputation tracking.
  • Interoperability.
  • Partner-focused extensibility.
  • Protection against hackers.

"Building on years of Centri's experience in security technology innovation and our relationships with large device manufacturers, the Atonomi Network’s protocol will create a secure ecosystem for autonomous device-to-device transactions," Atonomi CEO Caughan Emery said in the release. "By verifying the identity of individual devices via the blockchain, the Atonomi Network will help the IoT reach its full potential for scale."

Topics: Blockchain, Software

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