3 reasons to blog for Blockchain Tech News

| by Bradley Cooper
3 reasons to blog for Blockchain Tech News

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As the new editor of Blockchain Tech News, I am personally offering an  opportunity to you to get your name out as a thought leader in the blockchain space by blogging for us.

As a Blockchain Tech News blogger, you have the opportunity to spread awareness about the technology, boost your position in the market, and be recognized as an industry thought leader.

Spread awareness

While blockchain is gaining traction everyday, it is still in its infancy. Few truly understand it, and many conflate it with bitcoin. Worst still, many still believe the entire technology is only for criminals or extreme political groups.

By blogging for Blockchain Tech News, you can help fight these stereotypes by showing the wide range of uses for both blockchain and cryptocurrencies. You understand how truly innovative this space is, and you can share those thoughts on this site.

Boost your position in the market

The blockchain market is flooded with new ICOs and startups. Some of them are successful, but a lot of them make a small splash then disappear.

Also a lot of these businesses engage in highly unethical practices such as putting fake names on their lists of supporters or failing to deliver on their ICOs.

By blogging for Blockchain Tech News, you can help establish your company as one of the more respectable members of the community. By being transparent about struggles and opportunities in the market, you will help boost your company's overall image and, in turn, your own position in the market.

Be recognized as an industry thought leader

Because the blockchain market is still young, there are many competing voices arguing about its future and how it will impact a variety of industries. By engaging in this debate, you can help establish yourself as an early thought leader.

By crafting thoughtful nonpromotional content, you can help your business and your own personal brand rise above the others and gain credibility in this crowded space as a thought leader.

In an industry as young and technical as this one, we need thought leaders to guide the way.

Contact us about opportunities to blog.

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Bradley Cooper is a Technology Editor for DigitalSignageToday.com and BlockchainTechNews.com. His background is in information technology, advertising, and writing.

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